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1st Year Adult Field Nurse Natasha Wragg

3rd Year Adult Field Nurse Natasha Wragg

  • I was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in Hong Kong.
  • I started the degree straight out of Sixth Form and lived in Oak House, I then transitioned to a big student house in Fallowfield and now live in Stretford with my Fianceé.
  • I love ward settings, especially Day case units where you get to meet dozens of patients every day.
  • I chose Manchester because I love the city itself and the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work is one of the best in the country.
  • Why I nurse: Having not had a clean bill of health myself I relish the opportunity to be there for someone when they really need your support.


3rd Year Child Field Student Nurse Kim Smith

  • Hi! My name is Kim and I’m a final year student children’s nurse.
  • I am originally from Manchester though moved into student accommodation where I currently live with 5 other student nurses.
  • Since deciding to be a nurse there was never any doubt over which field I wanted to study, I always new I wanted to be a children’s nurse.
  • I am currently particularly interested in working in a children’s emergency department.
  • Why I nurse: I always knew I needed to have a career where I made a difference; I wanted to help people through the worst days of their life. Therefore, nursing is a perfect career for me as it provides a way for me to use my compassionate and organised nature to care for people. I want to be there for children and help them through negative experiences, whilst also supporting distressed and tired parents.


3rd Year Adult Field Student Nurse Shayma Begum

  • Hi there, my name is Shayma, 22 years old.
  • I originally wanted a career in Clinical Psychology and completed a degree in Psychology at UOM, however my heart was with Nursing.
  • I am a book-a-holic and have a dream of owning a house full of books! I can be happily lost in another world for hours.
  • I enjoy hiking, the silence of the mountains is what I love. To conquer my fear of heights, I took on a bungee jump challenge. My fear has grown. Once I stayed up for three days straight to finish the last season of LOST, you can imagine the size of my eye-bags
  • My interest lies in Emergency Care, I like to be kept busy and think on my feet.
  • Why I Nurse: My motto is prevention is better than cure, the more people understand about their illness, more likely to take better care of themselves

  • Hi! I’m Nicola, a 27 year old Student Children’s Nurse


    3rd Year Child Field Student Nurse Nicola Arnill

  • I have a previous degree in Graphic Design at Huddersfield Uni where I wrote my dissertation on Unhealthy food, packaged & marketed misleadingly as healthy, targeting children.
  • I attempt to play the drums, attempt to draw and attempt to write poetry!
  • Why I nurse: I’ve always had a desire to care for children but didn’t know which career I was suited to until I traveled and learnt the value of the NHS. My mum trained as a nurse as well but what really made me realize I wanted to nurse for sure was my urge to help the children I saw who couldn’t afford access to basic health care in South East Asia.

  • Hi! My name is Kate and I’m a newly qualified nurse working as a community staff

    Newly qualified adult nurse Kate 


  • I took a year out between A-levels and Uni to travel New Zealand, which has inspired me to travel with my nursing degree! I’m aiming for Australia and Sweden currently
  • My personal hobbies include: binge watching TV shows, dog walking, buying endless plants and running.
  • I’m especially passionate about sexual health, wound care and end of life care.
  • Why I nurse: I’ve wanted to be a nurse since I was 11; I absolutely love meeting and talking to new people, plus the human body is so fascinating!


  • 13275810_10101332675811025_1769900270_n

    2nd Year Adult Field Student Catherine Bates

    Hi, my name is Catherine, I’m 28 years old and nursing is a change of career for me, having previously worked in charity communications.

  • When I qualify I hope to work in the community or as a GP practice nurse, but I love the variety of health settings you see on placement.
  • Why I nurse? Growing up I was a carer for my mum, so after leaving home I knew I wanted to work in a caring profession in one shape or another. After six years behind a desk I was desperate to do something more practical and hands-on – nursing ticked all the boxes!

  • 17194153_1339932366064897_1934627431_o

    1st Year Mental Health Nurse Abbie Kennedy

    I’m a local lass, as I was born and grew up in Manchester.

  • Manchester is such a brilliant city to live and study in, I decided to move into the city centre for uni because it’s so diverse and interesting.
  • When I’m not doing uni work or on placement you’ll probably find me with a cup of tea watching medical shows or on Canal Street (also if you get the chance I would fully recommend going to Manchester’s Pride parade, it shows how accepting and fun it is round here!)
  • I am very passionate about helping young adults who often find transitioning from child and adolescent mental health services to adult support networks difficult.
  • Why I nurse: I have personal experience of living with anxiety and depression and after many years volunteering for a local mental health charity for young people I realised I wanted to help other people understand and manage their conditions by becoming a mental health nurse

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Heather Norton Graduate – Cohort of 2013

  • I turn 36 this year and am originally from America, but I have lived in the North of England for over 15 years now.
  • When I qualify, I plan to work as an anaesthetic and recovery nurse in operating theatres.
  • I am also keen to do my mentorship training and look forward to supporting future student nurses.
  • My personal hobbies include reading Japanese manga and cycling with my husband on our tandem bike.
  • Why I nurse: I love the different challenges nursing presents me every day. Each patient is unique and ensuring high quality, person-centred care keeps me on my toes!


Julia Cooper Graduate – Cohort of 2013

  • I’m Julia I’m what they call and ‘adult returner’ to education. In other words I’m older than the average student and it takes me a lot longer to recover from a night out drinking.
  • I chose mental health nursing as it fascinates me. We are all different and all experience things differently and I love that about people.
  • I live locally with my family and l like to listen to rock music. I go to gigs when I can although that’s not as often as I like as I have a wonderful son who is too young yet to drag with me.
  • I hope you get a lot of support and guidance out of this site and it inspires you on your journey through your studies and beyond.


Gina Williams Graduate – Cohort of 2013

  • I’ve just turned 23 and I’m originally from Yorkshire but I’ve spent the past 5 years living in Manchester.
  • I’d just finished a Biomedical Sciences degree before starting Nursing here, Manchester is such an amazing city (despite being in Lancashire!) and I didn’t want to move anywhere else!
  • When I qualify I’d like to work in research and combine my previous experience with Nursing skills to help make research more directly applicable to improving patient care.
  • I’m a massive bookworm and have definitely missed my bus stop more than once on the way to placement because I’ve been in the middle of a good chapter!
  • Why I nurse: I’ve always been interested in human biology and the science behind health but seeing the amazing care my grandma received at a Sue Ryder hospice made me realise that the human touches behind nursing care can make the world of difference.


Kevin Boyle Graduate – Cohort of 2013

  • I’m Kevin. I’m 27 and I’m from Northern Ireland. Before starting nursing I worked in banking, retail, education and finance. I’ve also been to Uni before and have a degree in English Literature and Byzantine Studies.
  • I’m a bit of a geek and nerd. I love reading, gaming and binging on Netflix (I’ve just finished Orange if the new black and now I’m hooked on Once upon a time!) I also have 7 tattoos but I have a feeling that number may double before I’m 30.
  • I’m part of the Adult branch and my interests lie in oncology and palliative care (which translates into cancer and end of life nursing).
  • Why I nurse : My mum passed away after suffering from aggressive lung cancer. The nursing care she received was absolutely fantastic and inspired me to begin my own training.

sam phillis

1st Year Student Midwife Samantha Phillis

  • Hi, my name is Samantha Phillis aka “cherubmammablog”, I’m a first year student midwife.
  • I am 40 years old born & bred in Wrexham but have lived with my Nottingham born husband in Stockport for 13 years
  • I am a very lucky mum of 3 boys, a Proud Welsh rugby loving socialist, WI president, Sewing enthusiast, runner, knitter, crafter, reader, baker & chronic insomniac (handy with all those hobbies!!)
  • Midwifery is my second degree after a previous degree in psychology from Swansea uni, a diploma in counselling and a career in education & counselling
  • Why Midwifery: Having been preoccupied with conception, pregnancy & childbirth since a very young age (not many 5 year olds have Miriam Stoppard books on their bedside tables!) I was called back to my passion for all things midwifery following some major life changes! I chose Manchester because it is convenient for where I live and I felt drawn to their reputation for high quality research and sound academia.

  • 13236271_10209562563729740_1487783076_n

    1st Year Student Midwife Jennifer Pountain

    Hi, I’m Jennifer Pountain, I’m from South Manchester and I’m a 1st year student Midwife.

  • I’m a Mum to 3 beautiful children, lover of music, politics, sociology and anything related to midwifery and women’s rights and health.
  • Why Midwifery: I remember being asked this at my interview – Easy – Women amaze me! Our resilience, our power, our ability to care and I wanted to support women at their most vulnerable.

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