WeNurses takeover!

From Friday 25th May at 7am, I will be curating the WeNurses twitter account for 48 hours!

This is part of a wider project set up by fellow student nurses from other universities. On the last weekend of every month, a student nurse will takeover the well known twitter account! Students healthcare professionals are the future of healthcare, so why not give them a voice? This curation gives student nurses the chance to engage with a huge range of people and professions from all over the world, in 48 hours.

For my curation, I will be focusing on what its like to be a student nurse and the responsibilities required. I’ll also be talking about social media; positives, negatives and of course the use of reflective blogs!

Throughout my curation, I will be following the THINK SOCIAL and NMC Social media guidance.

If you have any questions, please tweet/facebook message/look us up on Instagram/email us on enhancingplacement@gmail.com.