Welcome Cohort of 2016!!!

To help you along this amazing journey you’re about to embark on we asked the current Student Nurses

“What advice would you give yourself in Welcome Week if you could?”

Here are the gems of wisdom we got back…


  • “Revise consistently week by week and make flash cards after each lecture so it’s easier when you get to exams”
  • 12273826_10156299364895338_5749105962225494003_o.jpg

    You keep fit, make friends and completely forget about the stress of uni

    “Get involved in sports and societies. You’ll have more free time than you think, so use it to connect with people outside of the course. Those friendships will be invaluable when times get hard and you’re fed up of talking ‘shop’”

  • “Revise little and often, but don’t make yourself miserable in first year revising”
  • “Enjoy your time before placement starts in January!”
  • “Making friends with people will help you get through the course, especially if you’re not in halls!”
  • “Don’t be afraid to be a typical uni fresher for the first semester and join clubs and make friends.”
  • “Read everything especially the huge amount of info on Blackboard and subject handbooks.”
  • “Go crazy. Have fun always. Eat well and do as many non-nursing activities as you can otherwise you’ll drive yourself (and your nearest and dearest) insane”
  • “Don’t get caught up in a complete nursing bubble, socialising and having fun is just as important as the studying”
  • “Socialise and

    Live by the Diary, Die by the Diary

    Make friends with people from different courses! Take advantage of living in halls and betting to know lots of different people and enjoy freshers!”

  • “Talk to anyone and everyone – you’re all new to this so don’t feel too nervous to talk to people!”
  • “That you’ll fall into routine pretty quickly so not to panic about all new info thrown at you!”
  • “Get a diary and use it. It helps you organise your entire life! University, placement, work, social life and alone time (you’ll need it) and have fun!”
  • “Don’t sweat the small stuff in first year – enjoy learning and be curious, ask lots of questions and don’t be scared to speak up in seminars! You get more from it and it’s almost guaranteed that someone else is thinking something similar but just hasn’t said it. Also, don’t be scared to ask for help when you need it!”
  • Sport and Physical Activities Fair – Thursday 22nd 10:00-16:00 at the Students Union


And from our newly qualified cohort of September 2013…

  • “Take one step at time. Don’t rush things and ask lots of questions. Keep yourself healthy and work hard, it will all be worth it in the end”
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    “Enjoy the course, take every opportunity that arises and experience as much as possible. Three years goes quickly – don’t be afraid of making mistakes, don’t hesitate to ask for help. It’s O.K to cry and it’s even better to laugh. It might not seem it, but everyday in clinical practice you make a difference to somebody’s life and they’ll make a difference to yours. Use this an opportunity to see as much as possible, challenge yourself everyday!”

  • “Keep your health as a priority, if something has upset you then talk about it, get enough sleep, do stuff outside of nursing and try not to be to hard on yourself when you make a mistake”
  • “From my experience, the lecturers are more than willing to give academic advice, as long as you ask for it in advance and at least meet them halfway by putting in the work with wider reading.”
  • “Definitely read the unit handbooks! Also to get biro stains out from exploded pens you can use hairspray or anything else with a high alcohol content. Put something behind so it doesn’t leak through to the other side of your uniform then spray on until the ink dissolves, rinse away then put it in the washing machine to get the last spots out”
  • “Go on NHSP (NHS Professionals, is an agency that arranges work for support staff within trusts. You will be eligible to apply upon completion of your first placement) it means more experience, more autonomy and you can experience wards you want to”
  • “I recommend being very social in the first semester. Meet other nurses but non-nurses too. It’s your friends that get you through this. Just do something that gets you out of the library and out of your halls/house. A sport is a great way to de-stress and make some great friends. Basically become a yes man in semester one. If someone asks you if you want to do something, do it! Do lots and keep busy! If you’re not a big party goer, do a concert, comedy night or whatever with some friends!”
  • “Don’t get hung up on your grades in first year, but developing a system to help yourself with things like pharmacology which you’ll need for your careers can certainly help. I really recommend flash cards and an app like Brainscape is great because you can’t lose them and works great for multiple choice based exams.”
  • Stagecoach_in_Newcastle_bus_19442_Alexander_Dennis_Trident_2_Enviro_400_NK58_FNG_in_Newcastle_25_April_2009.JPG

    Stagecoach Busses FOREVER

    “Vanish oxy is great for white uniforms. If you’re in Fallowfield, don’t go to big Sainsbury’s because it’s a rip off, there’s an Aldi in Didsbury and then you can reassure mum that you’re eating things that once grew from the ground. A stagecoach bus pass almost always pays for itself. Make sure you get loads of free stuff at the freshers fair! One really decent non-stick pot will see you through your first year. There’s a walk in centre in MRI that’s easy to get to just in case. Basically, just enjoy it! It’s a tough career that will challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally. Get some good foundations and friends early on and you will be fine.”

  • “This is a really sad tip, but you’ve got your uniforms for 3 years so look after them, put them on a separate white wash, with a cup of either vanish oxy action or a cup of ACE (you can get either way cheaper from wilkos). And go to placement looking sharp and feeling confident in how you look.”