Every opportunity to learn….

We are all reminded regularly to take every opportunity we can to learn something new, take responsibility for our own practice experience and not rely on mentors to spoon feed us situations we can utilise and learn from. I feel this is one of my strengths (I don’t have many…humour me!) as I think it goes hand in hand with procrastination! I have an inquisitive mind and cannot accept something at face value; I need to see it, read about it and experience it as much as possible at which point it is only then I will truly feel I have got to grips with it!

literally take every opportunity to learn and not just on placement (although whispering to a consultant obstetrician just before she replaced a post c section sutured uterus if I could have quick gander was probably taking it a bit far! Maybe asking before she’d scrubbed may have been better especially for the panicky ODP who thought I’d contaminated the sterile area……I hadn’t but that was by pure luck rather than judgement! Lovely consultant showed me the ovaries too………….anyway I digress!).


Whilst out with my youngest son for an eye test going through the usual list of questions with the optician i.e. “family history of glaucoma?” etc etc when suddenly she says “was he a normal vaginal delivery?” Oh my ears & brain suddenly switched from auto pilot to hyper vigilant! “No he was a planned c section…why do you ask?”opticians.jpg

So the (lovely patient!) optician tells me research has shown that babies born by forceps can have residual damage to their eye muscles not detected at birth and it can sometimes not cause any issues until post infancy into early childhood! Oooooh! So what did I do as soon as I got home? Checked out the research! Below is a link to an abstract from a small case series but it just shows that firstly we can find the opportunities to learn in the most unusual situations and secondly how research done can have an immediate impact on practice! How fab! How handy as well that I am just revising for a research exam so the little bit of extra motivation needed to get my head into those books was provided at the opticians! The value of research indeed!:-)