One down 39 to go…

This time last year I would not have even imagined that this would be my life but I have done it guys, I brought my first new life into the world (well I suppose I didn’t really do the pushing but hey ho.) This time last year I couldn’t even cook for myself, let alone be trusted to bring a baby into the world, but for sure some innocent woman let me help deliver her bundle of joy. Looking back, it was one of the most emotional but beautiful moments of my life. The room was so full of hope and love for this new baby that hadn’t even arrived yet.

It was already 7 hours into a gruelling shift on labour ward when we took over care of this young woman, it was her first baby and she was in established labour on admission (4cm). Roughly 45 minutes after her admission she started to get some urges to push. To begin with I was somewhat taken aback, considering it was her first baby I didn’t consider this to be very textbook let’s say. However, after this I will never deny that a woman is ALWAYS right!!!

The next 30 minutes or so are kind of a panicked blur in my mind, let’s just say I was not expecting to look down there and catch site of the top of a baby’s head. I also forgot to mention that in this short period of time, my mentor had popped out to speak to another midwife (I’m sure you can now envisage my sheer 18 year old no life experience panicked face). Do you remember that time you lost your parents in the supermarket as a child?? THIS IS HOW I FELT IN THAT MOMENT, HOLDING ONTO THE CALL BUZZER FOR DEAR LIFE HOPING THAT THE BABY WOULD NOT FALL OUT. Any rational student midwife will tell you that the baby was probably not going to come that quick, but nobody can deny that they panic slightly each time as a first year.

After this everything seemed to happen so slowly, but I’m sure it was actually over in the space of 20 minutes. Looking back, I can’t explain how strange it was holding that baby’s head, I was just thinking to myself how can this dream be a reality (and also don’t drop the baby once its delivered!!!) Passing that baby up to his mother made me realise just how amazing being a midwife is. I wish I could re-live that moment over and over again, and I’m sure with each birth I will still get the same flood of emotions as my first.  I know however that one thing I will never forget is the way that she looked at her new baby, so much love and anticipation for this beautiful little boy.

On days when all I want to do is cuddle up in bed and wish the day away with tea and biscuits, I always remember this day. My first delivery makes me realise however tough the year gets and however much I want to give up, we honestly are in the most privileged profession EVER!!!!