International day of the Midwife-“changing the world, one family at a time”

International day of the midwife- blog PIC

Last Thursday, May 5th, was the International Day of the Midwife.  First established in 1992, each year on the 5th May the International Confederation of Midwives asks the world to focus on the role of midwives and midwifery.  Every year there is a different campaign theme. It is a day for every individual midwife to think about others in the profession,  make new contacts within and outside midwifery, helping to widen the worlds knowledge of what the role of the midwife is and how it fits into the today’s world. The constant overarching theme is “The World Needs Midwives Today More Than Ever” (ICM2016) this is part of an ongoing campaign to highlight the need for midwives, reflecting on the World Health Organisations call for more midwives globally.


This year the focus was on  ‘ women and newborns’.  ” Midwives around the world work hard every day to ensure women and newborns receive the quality care that they deserve.” (ICM 2016)

Midwives globally were encouraged to share a photo and a statement on social media ( #IDM2016) of what there role is and how it in corporates the above ethos in daily practice.  The RCM encouraged the use of social media, local seminars, study days to promote locally the meaning of IDM.

The above link takes you to the International Confederation of Midwives events page.  There are some exciting and informative gatherings happening across the globe over the next couple months following on from this years theme.

It is so important to celebrate IDM, to remind ourselves of the challenges other countries face, to celebrate what we can learn from each and how we can improve midwifery care globally.