‘Trust Talk’


Trust talk!

So since starting placement I have come across quite a lot of peculiar language. Peculiar to me but to everyone around me it seems the norm!

I find myself intensely nodding ,nodding like one of those Churchill insurance dog things people put in the back of their cars! Nodding profusely to conversations about ‘BM protocols’, ‘customised and population centiles’, ‘TCU”,’voids’ and many other terms.  So I thought I’d put together a mini jargon buster designed to help first year student midwives settle into trust life. That way when you arrive on placement you will have some valuable knowledge to start off with and not end up nodding like an idiot!! e.g, like me, to terms you have no clue about it!

Starting placement is very daunting and the hope is by sharing and comparing different ‘trust talk’ from trusts across the Greater Manchester area, familiarity to medical, maternal and neonatal terminology will make it less daunting through our midwifery journey.  So below is a list of the main terms accumulated from student midwife experiences.student midwife 1985 other

  • BM– Blood monitoring, assessing the blood glucose levels of babies
  • CUSTOMISED CENTILE– A centile constructed from the mothers BMI, height etc.
  • POPULATION CENTILE– Measurements we use in antenatal to measure fetal growth
  • SCBU – Special care baby unit
  • VOID– Measurement of urine
  • TCU – Transitional Care Unit
  • MEOWS– Modified early obstetric warning score – Record of maternal observations
  • BBA – Born before arrival
  • EMCS– Emergency caesarean section
  • ELCS– Elective caesarean section
  • NBFD– Neville Barnes forceps delivery
  • KIWI– A type of  vacuum delivery.
  • BARRIER NURSING– When there is an infection control issue,  gloves and aprons  mandatory when assisting the woman.
  • SROM– Spontaneous rupture of membranes
  • HCA– Health care assistant
  • CARDEX– Drug prescription chart
  • PIH– Pregnancy induced hypertension
  • HYPOTENSION– Low blood pressure
  • PRETERM– Born before 37 weeks
  • NICU– Neonatal intensive care unit
  • TTO– To take home in reference to own medication for home
  • POD– Prescribed on demand Often hear women are “pod’d” with medication.
  • DCAU– Day care assessment unit
  • ANC– Antenatal clinic
  • TWOC– Trial without catheter
  • ENB– Examination of the newborn
  • NIPE- Newborn and infant physical examination
  • NNOBS– Neonatal observations
  • EWS– Early warning score. This is the same as a MEOW
  • SRC– Self retaining catheter
  • LFT– Liver function test
  • ECO– Early consultant opinion
  • NEW– Newborn early warning chart
  • FDIU- Fetal death in utero