I’m Not Learning as Much as Everyone Else!?!

Ever get that feeling that everyone else on your course is quickly becoming an expert? Do they all quote things you’ve never heard of or are they all re-telling all the things they have seen and done on placement?

Feel like you are not on the same level as them?


Feel like you are falling behind or missing something??


It’s more than likely you are not missing anything or falling behind, everyone learns differently and especially out in placement people experience and view things different. People may find one aspect of placement really interesting and new whereas you may find it common sense or routine – and vice versa. This doesn’t mean either of you are better than the other – just different.

It’s good to learn from each other’s experiences but don’t feel left out. Ask if you’re not sure what it is they have actually done on placement – you may be surprised. Everyone has a different view point on tasks they get do to or see in practice. Use their understanding to enhance yours. Share your views as well as listening to others. Finding those who have a similar view or been on a similar placement to share knowledge and understanding is great – finding those who have done something completely different is also a great way to develop your knowledge and understanding.

You are learning too! Look back at what you have learnt and what you have achieved on placements. I bet you have done more than you think! We all take a different journey through our nursing training – enjoy yours!