Guest Blog: Cardiac Catheter Lab


Coronary Angiogram

For my first placement of second year I was placed in a cardiac catheter Laboratory, an acute surgical department which performed cardiac interventions such as angiograms, angioplasties and pacemaker insertions, with use of radiological imaging.

As a student, I found it was a really positive placement for me for a number of reasons: Firstly the attitude of the staff towards me and my learning helped tremendously, my mentor, nurses, radiographers; physiologists all took an active interest in my learning, explaining procedures to me and going out of their way to impart their knowledge to me. Furthermore they treated me like one of the team, which as a student is such a confidence boost because it shows that people trust in your abilities and in turn I felt compelled to actively participate in the team in my role as a student.


A Normal Adult ECG

Working in the lab also opened up opportunities to work with other members of the MDT, for example I spent the day working with the cardiac physiologists learning how to do an ECG and how to analyse it, also spoking with the cardiac rehab team and the cardiac liaison team which deals with emergencies that go through the Cath lab. These professionals have so much knowledge and experience to impart and it has given a much more rounded experience.

Written by Lewis Cameron