Allocation Day

The only comparison I can find that seems similar to the feelings thrust upon you on allocation day is that of the armed forced finding out where they’re going to be deployed. There are so many factors that are involved in placement allocation and the team that organizes it work tirelessly to make sure each student has “well-rounded nursing education” and exposure to different roles of the modern day Nurse. This is a blessing and a curse.

Great Parts

  • You get to work with loads of different teams
  • You get to experience different roles
  • You get to explore Manchester
    • I would have never come to Northenden as a regular student but now I have I have discovered the best sandwich shop of all time
  • You get to ask all sorts of questions to all sorts of people
    • Nurses, Healthcare professionals and members of the public
  • You get to find the best fit for YOU

Not-so great parts

  • Not every Nursing role will be for you.

This undeniable fact means that you will like some placements more than others so on allocation day so many thoughts are running through your head about where you want to go and where you “REALLY REALLY DON’T WANT”.

The most important thing is to keep your mind as open as the bowels of a C-Diff patient. Think toxic mega colon here. Take no pre-conceptions good or bad in with you on your first day because this is a new ward to you and how you work there is completely down to you.

You friend’s older sister’s friend from Nottingham might not have enjoyed community BUT you might have been born to become the greatest District Nurse that’s ever been. You might be annoyed you’re commuting for an hour and a half in the morning but when you get in it could be the best ward that’s ever been. So pull your socks up and get excited because like it or not you’ll be heading into that placement very soon and it’s down to you as an adult learner to make the most of each opportunity. I was NOT KEEN on the Eye Hospital before I started and I ended up loving it so you never know!


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