Family Matters

A lot of people always wonder how you balance everything at uni when you have kids. Well I can confirm it is very definitely doable. There are loads of mums and dads (step parents too) doing the course and finishing with fantastic results.


There is always extra pressure regards your time and how you do actually fit everything in, but it is a very personal thing and everyone and their situation will be different. Most placements are very understanding as a lot of the nurses out there have been where you are and understand your concerns. The healthcare workforce like any employers have a lot of working parents and are used to requests regards balancing shifts around childcare.

When you make that first call to your placement let them know then that you have kids so they are aware that adjustments may be required. Discuss with your mentor the shifts that you can work. Some parents do a couple of long days and then have a few days off with the kids. Others stick to the 7.5 hours per day as this fits with their childcare arrangements. You can also work weekends to help meet your required hours. There will always be a way round things as long as you are open to being flexible too in regards to getting the full learning experience and making the most of things whilst on placement.


It is a scary thought but by being organised and utilising your time at uni and placement efficiently you can still have quality family time. Do what you can during core office hours and don’t put work off, do things when you get the chance.

Having support at home really does make the difference but never be afraid of speaking up if things are getting on top of you. Talk to your mentor and/or your AA as things can always be altered to help you out. Ask other students how they have managed things as peer support can be full of great ideas.

Your wellbeing is important so make sure you look after yourself too.