WTH are all these acronyms?

wordleMy first day at placement and my first handover. All the nurses on the late shift had gathered in the staff room and were chatting. The sister arrived and handed out copies of the handover sheets for all the patients on the ward. I was quite excited to find out as much as I could about the patients I was going to be looking after during the shift and started flicking through the handover immediately.

First column:

Patient name, date of birth and hospital number – straight forward enough.

Second column:

PMH = T2DM, CA Bowel (PTN NOK aware), HTN, NKDA, Hip# – um…what?

Third Column:

D+F, Dx1, A/W CXR, BNO, PUed, IV Taz – ok you’re kidding right?

Now some you may be able to guess, some you may already know, but more than likely you’ll be slightly thrown by all the acronyms that are used in placement.

I went home that evening and made myself a list with explanations. Some are rather specific to the ward I was on which was a gastrointestinal surgery ward but many are things that everyone will Acronyms piccome across on their first day. Please feel free to add to/modify this list as it is far from complete.

Acronyms and Terminology on Placement


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