What do I keep in my pockets at placement?


So I was planning my first day on placement…

I had my uniform ironed, lunch packed with a water bottle and Practice Assessment Document (PAD) in bag. My pin on watch, name badge and the RCN pin I got when I joined the union were set out on my dresser ready.

But what would I need in my pockets? A pen – definitely, a spare pen – probably…no definitely. My pocket usuals: lip balm and tissues, of course. A small notebook also seemed like a good idea – and it was. There will be lots of drugs and acronyms that you’ve never heard of and with no where to note them down they’ll go in one ear and out the other. You’ll also be given a tonne of door codes to get into the clinical room, the sluice, the linen cupboard and so on.

pensAs you progress through your training and depending on where you are placed you’ll pick up other bits and bobs like a pen torch, blunt ended scissors and a bottle of alcohol gel (essential if you’re out in the community visiting patients’ homes).