Placement is like a Box of Chocolates

coms bubblePlacement allocation day is generally regarded with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. Each person has a different preference and honestly no one truly knows where they will end up once they’ve registered so we’ve been given this amazing opportunity to trial such a wide range of placements and learning opportunities before you settle into a speciality. How many other degrees or jobs do you know where you get a trial run of the different areas?

ortho bubbleThis, however, is where the Forrest Gump reference comes in: You truly never know where you’re going to be placed nor do you know how you’re going to find it when you actually get on the ward etc. So try not to listen to the story of your friend’s sister who once spent a day in a Gynae ward and hated it. I’ve heard stories from 2 people from the same placement and one loved it and the other just didn’t click with it but the main point is that they BOTH will have learned something from it.

My friend Amy was on the same Gastro-intestinal ward with me on my last placement and she didn’t particularly gel with it, however I felt so at home in amongst the blood and guts. Amy did, however, get loads of practice of ANTT procedure (Aseptic Non-Touch Technique), learn how to remove chest drains, catheters, cannula’s, the list goes on (you do a lot of removing things in a surgical ward).

ward bubbleA thing to keep in mind when you get your allocation or even if you start a placement you really aren’t keen on is that it is a placement for a reason. There will be something for you to learn and it’s your responsibility to root that thing out to get the most out of that placement. Don’t, I repeat, DON’T go asking to change placements because you think you won’t enjoy it. Everything happens for a reason and who knows? The placement you dread the most could end up being your profession for life!


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