Anti-Vom is the New Chic

Anti-Vom is the New Chic

A very important part of our nursing uniform is our shoes. Nursing is as much a physical sport as it is a caring vocation so you need comfortable, durable and sturdy footwear to withstand your days spent pacing a ward. Not to mention the elements they are exposed to… (Let’s just say there are things worse than mud that can end up dripping onto your unsuspecting foot) as the Uni has put it:

Appropriate shoes must be worn. These must be black, flat soled, full shoes not boots, which  cover the entire foot, have a non slip rubber sole, and be plain (not suede or canvas). It is not acceptable to wear any other type of shoe.

I have invested in some “King Health’s” on my last visit to Hong Kong (setting me back a good £3.70) which do have a slight clown-esque/butch police officer look to them but hey, they are outrageously comfy and have protected me more times than I would care to note from flying unwanted substances. So definitely a key part of your nursing arsenal is 1 pair of sturdy and preferably unattractive shoes.


Chronic Clown Foot

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